Small Hydrops

Following on from a query about hydrops recently, Dr Anthony Maloof saw this patient soon after.

She had a small central hydrops and this is what the resolution looks like.

There is a central scar AND a split in descemets.

She is diligent and wants something done.

Rectifying a small Hydrops

I have agreed to a small central transplant provided she adheres closely to postop follow-up.

Small central transplants can last 50 years or more…

Small Hydrops as seen via a slit lamp.
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Question: Can I ask how long you would wait for Hydrops to settle before offering the surgical option? You mentioned that initial settling for the Acute stage is very ” SLOWWW recovery” on Maxidex QID (4 times daily)… I’m assuming 3-6months?

Answer: SOOOO variable…
I have seen it take 4 months or more. Patients get VERY frustrated, browse the web and see that it should have an “urgent transplant”. Lots of misinformation and missing information out there in Google confusion land. The patient in this photo took around 6 months to settle completely.

Corneal Hydrops
Corneal Hydrops

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