Eye complications of torture

An absolute SHOCKER, you read right, eye complications of torture!

This patient came to see me for Fuchs Dystrophy prior to cataract surgery. He told me a harrowing story that I will share. Whatever problems you may have, some people have it a whole lot worse.

He was a certified paediatrician in Iraq, taken hostage by unknown people. He was bound, blindfolded and gagged for over a month, which sounds distressing enough, but then he went on to show me just how bad it was.

Eye complications of torture leading to damage of the cornea.
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This wasn’t a blindfold made of material placed around the eye….this man had a band of metal wire compressed tightly around his eyes FOR A MONTH, so tight that it buried into his scalp leaving a scar.

Scar from wire used as a blindfold.

The corneas suffered. Compression of the cornea causes Descemets membrane stress, and he has diffuse guttatae centrally and temporally. The left cornea shows inferior exposure zone thinning and scarring.

I don’t think there are any words that describe what this man suffered.

Eye complications of Torture, damaging the cornea.

Compression of the cornea stresses all layers of the cornea. Recurrent compression stresses the stroma, and prolonged compression appears to damage the endothelium and descemets.

Something to think about.

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