Contact lens overuse scar

Contact lens overuse scar

This man wears contact lens. He did not follow advice with contact lens wear and developed a nasty infection of his cornea. This caused an overuse scar.

He is legally blind.

We will restore vision with a corneal stromal transplant.

The cornea is scarred from overuse of contact lens wear. This will require a corneal or stromal transplant.
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Caring for your contact lens

As we have seen above improper care can lead to many problems with contact lens. In order to avoid these problems, follow the advice given to care for your contact lens.

The following are some basic tips to help you get the most out of your experience.

  • Always follow the manufacturer guidelines when cleaning you contact lens.
  • Before having contact with your lens, make sure to wash your hands.
  • Don’t let your lens dry out.
  • Follow your schedule – daily means daily. Each type of lens has a specific timeframe for wear.
  • Protect your lens from contact with chemicals and perfumes, this includes makeup.
  • DON’T OVERWEAR YOUR CONTACT LENS – see above image…

There is always the risk of infection and therefore risk of loss of sight. If you believe you may have an infection, please consult with your local optometrist immediately.

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