OSSN amt – This man has a HUGE tumour of the eye, unresponsive to chemotherapy, causing loss of vision, threatening invasion of the eye and risking spread to brain.

I undertook excision and repair, stitching the line of placenta onto the eye. The video can be seen here  https://youtu.be/FLDOCEVs70E

Just be mindful that the video is of actual eye surgery and the process undertaken to remove the cancer (OSSN) and replace with AMT or amniotic transplant.

He has had a miraculous recovery, and at just one month, the eye shows an almost normal appearing surface, with vision completely restored.

Placental tissue has made a significant difference to the outcome of reconstruction of the surface of the eye. 

OSSN covering the surface of the eye in the first image. The second image shows the repair after eye surgery using placenta.
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