Blunt trauma MDALK

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Blunt trauma MDALK

This is a lady who was blind from keratoconus, and on whom I performed an MDALK 3 months ago.

She is from overseas, and left seeing 6/18 at 2 weeks. She was very happy!

A few days ago, she was hit in the eye by a ball.

The image shows the outcome: the suture has broken inferiorly, because this is where the ball struck the eye. There is also some separation of the donor from host tissue.

But that isn’t what is important…

The key is this: blunt trauma to an eye with a FULL TRANSPLANT leads to the loss of the eye.

I now have more than 10 patients post STROMAL TRANSPLANT who have suffered blunt trauma to the eye, including hit by a ball, a punch, a beach wave, and one guy even flew a drone into his eye.


All that has been needed is a re-suture, as this patient does.

Descemets membrane is VERY VERY resistant to blunt trauma!

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