Contact Lens vision loss

Image of the cornea showing damage caused from wearing contact lens. This is keratitis.

Can wearing a contact lens cause vision loss?

Contact lens wear can indeed lead to vision loss. This man had acanthomeba keratitis which Dr Anthony Maloof diagnosed early and treated. When the eye settled, he wore his contact lens and developed fungal keratitis.

Lightning strikes twice.

Fungal keratitis under the microscope
Fungal Keratitis under the microscope

Dr Maloof confirmed the fungus in the office using microscope diagnosis, and he is improving with antifungal drops.

When the eye is settled, he will require stromal transplantation to restore vision.

Utilising contact lens can be safe with proper care and maintenance. Speak with your local Optometrists on the proper care and handling of your contact lens to avoid any issues.

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