Snow Blindness

Snow blindness - requiring a corneal stromal transplant

Snow Blindness

Snow blindness. This is something that is rarely seen in Australia. This man is from Northern Europe, and presents with corneal scarring. He was having trouble at work, on the tools.

I did a left stromal transplant, and he came in the other day so grateful…he can return to study, and has changed to a desk job. Don’t forget that restoration of vision has huge psychosociofinancial implications for the patient.

But the key is this,….the scarring looks herpetic, but ask lots of questions, and he eventually reveals he was exposed to extreme UV on a mountain top.

This is snow blindness!

I have another patient, a farmer, from Australia with the same thing. Except someone had done a full transplant on one eye, and he is losing vision from steroid glaucoma!

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