Keyhole Watery Eye Surgery

Keyhole watery eye surgery

Patients that suffer from watery eye may have a blockage at the common canaliculus.

This is the upper part of the tear drain that enters the tear sac.

At surgery, the canaliculus is scarred over. In this first foto, I have opened the tear sac and you can see a probe in the canaliculus that cannot pass through to the sac, as there is a membrane / scar that has closed tear drain high up, causing the eye to water.

Something has happened in the canaliculus or sac to cause the membrane to form, usually an infection.

In the second foto, I have removed the scar, and passed the probe into the nose. You will also see a stent passing into the nose. This will remain in place as long as it needs, until wound healing has settled.

I then remove it in the office and tear drainage is restored.

Keyhole watery eye surgery allows direct view and biopsy, if needed, of any pathology causing watery eye.

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