Here is another interesting case that I have seen recently.

This 54 year old man has a plaque like lesion typical of limbal dysplasia, and this is what it looks like. It is completely asymptomatic and picked up on routine exam by an optometrist.

SCC of the Limbus later confirmed to be OSSN

I have given him 3 months of chemotherapy: the lesion has not grown, but neither has it has shrunk.
I will excise this lesion and freeze the margins. Somewhere in this lesion is a nest of malignant cells.

Once it settles, I will recommence topical chemotherapy for around 3 months then monitor annually for 5 years.

Reassure patients that these lesions are very treatable indeed!

Question: This looks very much like OSSN?

Answer: You are correct.

OSSN stands for ocular surface squamous neoplasia, I reserve this term once pathology has come through.

That is because many of these lesions are dysplastic, but not neoplastic.

Will find out once path comes back!

OSSN and carcinoma in situ

This is the appearance of an ocular surface neoplasia that was resistant to all topical treatment.

See more before and after photos – https://www.oculoplasticsurgery.com.au/before-and-after/

Pathology confirmed high grade dysplasia / carcinoma in situ

Not all respond to medical therapy

More information available at www.oculoplasticsurgery.com.au

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