Stromal Transplant – 13 Year Old

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Stromal Transplant – 13 Year Old

This young man flew in for a stromal transplant for keratoconus. Vision Right Eye was Count fingers, Left Eye was Hand movements.

It had been suggested to have cross linking, because when all you have is a hammer……

I consider such a presentation an ocular emergency…this young man was more than legally blind, and his future is in doubt.

Last Friday I did a stromal transplant. Day 7, it looks like this. Note lots of interrupted sutures.

He is a very compliant young man, and knows to obey my 3 golden rules:

  1. Never rub your eyes
  2. Always use your drops as prescribed
  3. Never miss an appointment.

Vision at one week is 6l19 unaided with 3.5D cylinder. This is life changing for him.

He is flying back overseas tomorrow and will be comanaged with his local eye doc.

Surgery can be offered to young patients, but the postop compliance and care is critical.

The image is a little dark as he was quite photophobic.

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