Pseudomonas slough

Pseudomonas slough covering the cornea
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Pseudomonas slough

This is necrotic debris (pseudomonas slough) in the base of a resolving pseudomonas keratitis abscess.

The necrosis delays healing so I debrided it today. The ulcer is sterile.

The key here is to make sure it is sterile, then start steroids.

Once it heals, scar maturation will take at least 6 months.

Dr Anthony Maloof

Pseudomonas keratitis resolution phase 1 and 2

Below is the follow up of this pseudomonas slough patient, contact lens misuse associated pseudomonas.

It takes a long time to settle. Fibrosis is gradually setting in, and epithelial filaments over the area of evolving fibrosis reflect the abnormal surface and incomplete epithelial maturation.

Given enough time, she should get back reasonable vision, possibly 6/9.

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