Failed Ectropion

Failed ectropion shown here as the patients cheek is too heavy causing the recurrence of the ectropion.
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Failed Ectropion

This man presents with 2 previous failed ectropion procedures to the left side. He reports having a skin graft, and the ectropion recurred after 6 months.

The key here is that ectropion is not a lid problem, but a facial one. This man has a very heavy face.

Next time your patient presents with ectropion, push vertically upwards on the cheek and see how heavy it is…you will find it to be quite heavy. Compare it to a patient without ectropion.

I will repair this lower lid, and lift up the entire mid face, along with splinting the lid using a scleral graft.

Not all patients need surgery for failed ectropion…this man wants it due to redness, watering and stickiness.

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