Upper eyelid epiblepharon

Upper eyelid epiblepharon - MAP, shows a topographical view of the left cornea of someone with Keratoconus
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Upper eyelid epiblepharon

Here is another young patient, 18 years old, finishing school. Upper eyelid epiblepharon.

This is his better eye, a little short sighted with obvious topographic cone, refracts to better than 6l6

Severe cone other eye, count fingers.

The treatment I “dispensed” in October 2021 was cognitive…it cost him nothing…..STOP RUBBING.

Note the reduction in the cone over the 10 month period.

Upper eyelid epiblepharon image showing the eye looking up and the lashes rubbing against the cornea. Keratoconus is present in this cornea.

And the reason his right eye is worse, is that he has UPPER EYELID EPIBLEPHARON….asian crease, lashes rubbing.

He learnt not to rub, and even the worse eye improved.

Key: Younger patients can improve when they stop rubbing, older patients don’t.

And yes, that’s published.

Dr Anthony Maloof

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