The ectrpion seen in image 1 is exacerbated when the eyelid is contracted.
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Ectropion exacerbation

Have a look at what happens to this man’s complete ectropion when he contracts his eyelid….the ectropion worsens.

Now imagine what happens when he lies down in bed.

That is why redness and discharge are problematic overnight.

He is booked for repair.

This man showing how he sleeps on his hand causing the ectropion to worsen. The ectropion is significant and he will need to stop rubbing.

Unilateral ectropion nocturnal rubbing

This man has significant ectropion on ONE SIDE ONLY. There is no obvious difference in skin, no cancers, no scarring, and no paralysis.

Detailed history reveals he regularly sleeps on the palm of his hand. Why? He doesn’t know

Stop rubbing!

He is booked for repair on the agreement he change his sleep habit and wears a shield at night.

Dr Anthony Maloof

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