Eyelid retraction after decompression

Showing eyelid retraction after decompression surgery for thyroid eye disease. The after image shows an aesthetically pleasing result.
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Eyelid retraction after decompression

Eyelid retraction after decompression

Patients, particularly females, notice their face.

This lady has severe disfigurement after thyroid eye disease.

After I have fixed the orbits and adjusted her upper eyelids, she still notes the lower eyelid retraction on her right side.

Have a look at the right lower eyelid…it slopes down away from the eye, and is rounded, along with rounding in the canthus. She notes it but can’t put it into words.

I will arrange to correct first with fillers, then if needed, surgery.

The key here is that your patients will tell you things but will have trouble describing what they see or perceive.

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