Pterygium surgery – PERFECT Technique

PERFECT pterygium surgery, this technique is used for optimal results post operatively. This shows results at 2 months and 16 months post PERFECT pterygium surgery.
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Pterygium surgery PERFECT technique

I receive a lot of inquires about the PERFECT technique which I use for pterygium surgery as well as reconstructive surgery of the ocular surface

The first image is 2 months post pterygium repair. Note the plica is still a little thickened and red

The second image is 16months after surgery. Redness and swelling has gone but more importantly, the eye looks white and normal anatomy has returned

This is the benefit of PERFECT surgery

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Added 10/08/2022

Temporal pterygium growing over the cornea. This has followed after having cataract surgery.
Temporal pterygium after cataract surgery.

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