Overdone Cosmetic Surgery

Showing cosmetic surgery that is overdone. This lady suffers symptoms of dry eye as a result of another surgeon performing surgery and overdoing it.
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Overdone cosmetic surgery

What happens when cosmetic surgery is overdone? This 50 yo lady called me in distress. This patient has been diagnosed with dry eye, but nothing works.

Her problems started after being talked into having surgery known as lower eyelid “blepharoplasty” whilst overseas.

She has had 3 surgical opinions here, and everyone has told her it should get better….it hasn’t.

The discomfort is driving her and her husband crazy.

She went to a dry eye clinic and came out with a diagnosis of …………dry eye.

They sold her all the dry eye treatment they could, and nothing helped.

She came to see me for dry eye treatment, and it has taken quite some time to convince her she doesn’t have dry eye.

Have a look at the photos and you can see what is causing her to suffer.

Both lower eyelids are retracted away from the globe, and also ectropic. It is subtle, and she has learnt to position her head to minimize it.

Put her head in primary position and it is clear

One other test…her symptoms go away on raising the lower eyelids.

You don’t have to be a Sherlock Holmes to work out what is going on….too much skin removal with cosmetic surgery. I see this all the time.

I will undertake a reconstruction with lower eyelid elevation and cheek lift to hopefully achieve a functional and aesthetic correction.

The thing to remember here is that patients complain of dryness when they have eyelid dysfunction.

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